How do you make a romantic holiday more romantic? How do you think outside the box and sweep him/her off her feet? These are always the questions lingering at the back of the mind of every romance traveller. They keep nagging at you until you end up not enjoying the holiday. You are always wondering whether you are living up to his/her expectations.

Dating and romance experts say that for you to enjoy your romantic escapade, you need to relax and concentrate on the minor things. Below is a list of the minor things that you need to concentrate on so that you can 'wow' him/her to his wildest dreams.

For Him

Men are not complicated. They are very easy to please. Check out how:

1. Affirm his masculinity

This is no time for those feminism ideas you \have been hearing around. Don’t argue with him. If you feel whatever he is saying is going to lead to a heated argument, retreat and try later. Make him feel he is in control and suggest things that you want him to do subtlety.

2. Keep him engaged

Men get bored easily. If you want him to stay with you throughout your romantic holiday, you need to accompany him on those activities you loathe but he likes. Remember it is all for love.

3. If you criticize him negatively, the holiday is over

Keep your criticisms until after the holiday. Men do not like being criticized - especially by the women they love. They somehow start feeling inadequate and the defense mechanism is open hostility towards you.

For Her

Women are a little harder to please than men. You will find out soon enough that you are supposed to work on her cues without her having to tell you loudly. Check out the list below.

1. Tame your wandering eye

You are bound to see some beautiful women in your romantic destination. Trailing them with your eyes is VERY repulsive to the lady you are traveling with. It may seem harmless to you, but she will start feeling like you think the other woman is more beautiful.

2. Affirm her beauty and her effort 

If you want her to be in good spirits, always notice the new things she has done to her hair, her nails, etc. Whenever she dresses up for the evening, make sure you tell her how beautiful she looks.

3. Be a gentleman

Open the doors for her, carry the heavy luggage for her, and make her feel loved in public etc.

If both of you can observe these three small things, your romantic holiday will seem more romantic although you will not have done anything out of the ordinary...In short, take care of the small details and you will not need to look like a super model for him or take her sailing on yacht. It is that simple!