By Anita Draycott

If you're looking for a unique camping holiday, Copper Canyon is one of the most spectacular and ideal places to pitch your tent. The scenery is stunning and you’ll be surrounded by lakes, waterfalls, and paths waiting to be explored.

All along the canyons you’ll find ideal spots to camp. You just need to decide whether to pitch your tent along the summit or down on the canyon floor.

Lake Arareko is one of the two top campsites and one of the most picturesque settings in the entire Tarahumara Mountain range.

The lake is surrounded by a densely wooded area of pine and oak trees.

Located just 4.8 km from Creel, you can reach Lake Arareko easily by road.

Numerous bird species live around the lake so bring your binoculars. If you fancy something more active, try your hand at rowing, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, visiting the Rukiraso Waterfall or soaking in the Rekowata hot springs.

Batosarachi, a town on the shores of Lake Arareko, also offers camping facilities, or you can rent cabin. Activities include boating, horse riding and mountain biking.

Both Lake Arareko and Batosarachi are easily accessible by train. For more intrepid types, there are campsites in the middle of the canyons that are reachable only via horseback or a long hike. The best seasons for camping in Copper Canyon are spring or autumn, as the winters are particularly harsh in this area.