Experience the fun of kayaking and while at it, why not do it with a much deserved vacation where there’s plenty of sights to admire with Copenhagen Harbor Kayak Tour in Denmark. Enjoy a 2.5 hour kayak tour in which you can see the city of Copenhagen from a different vantage point. Paddle your way past modern architectural marvels such as the Black Diamond, Holmen’s restored warehouses, and naval shipyards. Make this kayaking experience a most memorable one and share it with the family.

Copenhagen Harbor Kayak Tour is a sightseeing adventure combined with the thrill of paddling your way through the canals and waterfront districts of Copenhagen with your kayak. On this tour, you will be passing through the famous Knippelsbro, also known as Knippel Bridge and through Holmen, a water-bound neighbourhood in Copenhagen. Being a small group tour, you can be assured of a personal attention from your guide, making the tour much more fulfilling.

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