A lot has been written about the Rockies - the mountain range that straddles Canada and US border - but not quite enough has been said about its awe inspiring pleasures of riding horses up the mountains trails.

Families have for century ridden horse in the Rockies but nobody seems much interested in the activity, perhaps in a quest to shed light on the more lucrative skiing activities. However, not everybody is interested in skiing. Besides, small kids cannot ski on the slopes of the Rockies. A more enjoyable activity will be to ride a horse sleigh.

Companies such as Estes Park give rides into the mountain trails where you can expect to see a lot of exotic wildlife such as deer, elk and coyote. In particular, Rocky Mountain National Park is a nice place to have your family enjoy the scenic land formations, rainforests, ice capped peaks as well as beautiful waterways.

Broken Arrow Lodge has 8 mules that they let out to families to ride deep into the Rockies. Amazingly, they will have a guide accompany you on your rides. The Ranch is surrounded by idyllic vacation spots that offer Rocky Mountain s Tourists ideal accommodation. These spots include; Virginia City, Robbers Roost, Lewis and Clark Caverns, and Bannack State Park.

Other companies that offer rides into the Rockies are listed in Cowboylife.com. Among these include Alberta's Anchor D Guiding and Outfitting, Brewster Rocky Mountain Adventures,Homeplace Ranch, and Outpost at Warden Rock; British Columbia's Big Bar Guest Ranch,Blackwater-Spruce Guest Ranch, and Chezacut Wilderness Adventures; and Ontario's La Reata Ranch

The fact that all these companies have trained Rocky Mountains Guides makes horseback riding into the Rockies a fantastic idea. You will get to experience more than your fair share of sights. The guides know which trails to take in order to get better sights and see more wildlife.

Is there anything more romantic than riding into scenic wild with loved ones? Is there a better way to 'deposit in the kids' love bank' than letting them ride horses? Is there a better way to have a holiday vacation together than by riding into the mountains? Ponder on these questions as you plan your next family vacation.