No one really knows when they settled on the continental islands, but the Ngaro People and the Gia People have been the owners of Whitsundays as long as any historian can predict. But where are these beautiful islands?

Well, if you happened in Australia, you need to travel to central coast of Queensland, Australia, just south of Bowen and to the north of Mackay, some 560 miles north of Brisbane and voila! There lies the hidden gem of Australia. The Whitsundays are a series of Islands of different sizes whose beauty is unrivaled in the world. Below are a few things you need to know about the islands.

1. Nestled within the Great Barrier Reef

 Whether you are going to snorkel, swim, sightsee, enjoy a fine meal, take a few photographs or even set to sail; the Whitsundays will never fail to mesmerize you. They are one of those places where no matter how mundane the task you are engaged in is, the location brightens it up and makes it more interesting.

2. Reefworld and Knuckle Reef

These are two destinations that a Whitsundays vacation should not omit. You can take a catamaran to Reefworld, the largest floating pontoon facility in Australia or cruise on a wavepiercer to a pontoon on Knuckle Reef where you will experience the marvels of underwater.

3. It is home to the world's most spectacular beach - The White Haven Beach

White haven beach is a 7 -kilometers stretch of pristine white sand that allows visitors to Whitsundays an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Imagine taking a luxurious swim in the warm waters, then playing beach football or volleyball then cooling the heated body again in the waters and finally soaking in the evening rays of Australian sun...fantastic isn’t?

4. Hamilton - the best place to have a family day out

Hamilton Island is the largest among the Whitsunday Islands. It offers fun activities such as playing golf, jet skiing, quad biking, bush walking and hang gliding or just lounge on the beach.

5. Whitsundays boasts the famous Conway National Park

If you are not into lazing around on the beaches such as Airlie and Whitehaven, you can take a stroll on the tens of trails in the Conway National Parks as you listen to the Australian wildlife welcoming your intrusion with all manner of sounds.

With such variety, it is a wonder that Whitsundays still remains beautiful even with an influx in travelers. If you have never been to the islands, then you have not really experienced real vacation.